Premium GAME ART Outsourcing Studio

2DOGAMES is an Art outsourcing studio, based in Kiev, Ukraine. We are proud providers of premium quality digital Art for the entertainment industry, with a broad range of services including Concept Art, Illustration, 3D modeling , 2D/3D animation, Trailers and Full motion videos/Cutscenes for YOUR GAME!

Strong track record

Founded in 2006, 2DOGAMES works with a wide array of  international companies in video games and movies. With hundred of projects achieved successfully, 2DOGAMES quickly became the strongest and fastest outsourcing partner in Ukraine.

Founded by veterans of the game industry

2DOGAMES was founded by GORLACH DENIS and SERGII MARASOV, two veterans with a combined 30  years of experience in the video game industry. With a strong ethic, both with their Clients and Artists, 2DOGAMES became a partner of choice for many.

Experienced team of various Artists

With hundreds of first class international 2D/3D Artists and Animators, 2DOGAMES can handle any size, and any style of outsourced projects within the schedule, with great quality and fair price.

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