Action arena based multiplayer game where the Players should capture territory, earn energy and points, using different power-ups, avoiding traps and pitfalls during the round. Different modes including classic deathmatch or capture and hold, sabotage and many more! In development..

Pirate Boom is coming!

We are happy to announce a mobile casual game¬†based on a classic pirates stories. We are developing a unique gameplay that will make you play without stopping ūüôā¬†Stretch your fingers, the pirate boom will soon enthrall you!

Agatha Christie: Hercule Poirot

We are happy to announce a¬†design for a¬†board game¬†based on Agatha Christie‚Äôs detective story. There are four positive characters – Hercule Poirot, Mr. Hastings, Inspector Japp, Miss Lemon and one negative – a murder. The positive characters rendezvous in London, their task is to find the negative one who commits the crimes. All of them move around the UK, sometimes cunsulting other players but usually doing independent investigation. Every player …

The Cursed Island: Mask of Baragus Collector’s Edition

Turning on the TV, Casey finds out from breaking news that her father is missing on a remote island that carries a curse! She immediately prepares to travel to the island to find her father. Overcoming considerable obstacles on the journey Casey arrives on the island and learns that her father and his entire team have disappeared in an unknown direction. As a possible clue to this mystery Casey discovers …


Premium GAME ART¬†Outsourcing Studio 2DOGAMES¬†is an Art outsourcing studio, based in Kiev, Ukraine. We are proud providers of premium quality digital Art for the entertainment industry, with a broad range of services including Concept Art, Illustration, 3D modeling , 2D/3D animation, Trailers and Full motion videos/Cutscenes for YOUR GAME! Strong track record Founded in 2006, 2DOGAMES¬†works with a wide array of¬† international companies in video games¬†and¬†movies. With hundred of projects …